Rene Kärkkäinen

I am a Finnish technology student who enjoys creating games, software, and other cool projects.

  • Cryptocurrency exchange for learning

    Created a cryptocurrency exchange where user uses fake money to buy cryptocurrencies and learn about them. First wrote in JavaScript, later wanted to learn Python so I rewrote it in Python. The interface can be integrated easily to websites but I have created a Discord bot to attract the younger people.

    Currently serving 0 Discord servers with 0 users in total.

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  • Beryllium

    Beryllium is a thrilling multiplayer game where players take on the roles of opposing forces. One group aims to achieve certain objectives, while the other works to prevent them. The objectives involve strategic actions like planting or defusing items, and success can also come from outmaneuvering the opposing team. The game offers an exciting mix of teamwork and strategy in a competitive environment.

    Wanted to learn about Unreal Engine and making games in general.

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  • Converting PP-215 Flip Clock timer to 230v

    PP-215 is a beautiful 70s Japan Made flip clock timer used to power up electronics (e.g. audio equipment) at the same time.

    In this project I will convert the Japan model to work on 230v outlets using 3D printing, Arduino Nano, RTC module and a 28BYJ48 stepper motor.

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[email protected]

PGP Key Fingerprint: E15B 9DFD B28F 4D68 11A5 5ABC FDC9 7B8A 3972 3B0F

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